AR 500 shooting targets are great investment in your shooting ability. AR 500 steel targets are made from a special type of steel that can withstand hits from ammunition without damage.

One of the best things about using steel targets is that they have instant shooter feedback that means that you know right away what shots have hit and what shots have missed the target.

In the video below you can see how easily it is to determine what shots are hitting and what shots are missing the target. This instant feedback will increase your shooter proficiency at a much faster rate than using paper targets that have no feedback.

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Steel targets are designed to work with any standard lead ammunition. Steel core or armor piercing shooting targets that use steel core ammunition is not to be used in any situation as it is designed to penetrate steel and will destroy the targets.

Although the initial investment was still targets is higher than paper or cardboard targets the rewards are much greater. Additionally where paper, cardboard or zombie type targets where out with repeated use still targets are a long-term investment that can provide you a lifetime of use.

Never shoot steel targets closer than 10 yards with a pistol or 50 yards with a rifle and make sure you use eye protection at all times. Better safe than sorry I always say and when it comes to guns you can’t be too careful.

These types of targets are portable and you can easily take your AR500 Steel Targets to the shooting range with you. Never shoot targets without a proper backstop and or shooting lane as ricochets can occur.

If you have not shot steel targets before I highly recommend you give it a try. I’ve had good luck purchasing my shooting targets from they have a money back guarantee and I’ve been very happy with their quality and customer service.

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