AR500 steel targets

Discover the Advantages of AR500 Steel Targets

Explore the numerous benefits of using AR500 steel targets for your shooting practice. Learn why more individuals are choosing these durable alternatives over traditional paper targets. Dive into the details by shooting AR500 steel targets.

The Frustration with Paper Targets

Many aspiring shooters find themselves bogged down by the tedious tasks of counting hits and repairing paper targets during their training sessions. This not only detracts from their learning experience but also reduces the actual time spent honing their shooting skills. The introduction of AR500 steel targets has transformed this frustrating process, allowing shooters to focus on improving their precision and accuracy.

Why Choose Steel Over Paper?

Immediate Feedback through Sound

Unlike paper targets that silently absorb bullets, AR500 steel targets announce a hit with a distinctive ring, providing instant auditory feedback. This sound, similar to a bell, confirms a successful shot without the need to visually check the target. It’s a feature that enhances the shooter’s experience by allowing them to maintain focus and concentration on their form and aim.

Durability and Longevity

AR500 steel targets can withstand thousands of rounds without significant damage. Unlike paper targets, which must be replaced frequently, steel targets offer a long-lasting solution. Their resistance to wear and tear means you’ll spend less time on target maintenance and more on what matters most: shooting.

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Efficiency and Time-Saving

With AR500 steel targets, there’s no need for constant repairs or hit counting. This efficiency frees up more time for actual practice and skill enhancement. The durable nature of steel targets eliminates the hassle of paper target maintenance, allowing you to focus entirely on improving your shooting abilities.

Versatility for All Firearms

AR500 targets are available in various sizes, accommodating all types of firearms, from small pistols to powerful rifles. This versatility ensures that shooters of all levels and preferences can find the perfect target for their needs, making practice sessions more productive and enjoyable.


Embrace the superior quality and convenience of AR500 steel targets for a more focused and effective shooting practice. Say goodbye to the distractions of counting hits and repairing paper targets. Invest in AR500 steel targets to maximize your time, improve your skills, and express your patriotism with pride. Make the switch today and experience the difference in your training sessions.

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Enhance Your Shooting Practice with AR500 Steel Targets

AR500 steel targets are a great investment in your shooting ability. Made from a special type of steel that can withstand hits from ammunition without damage, AR500 steel targets offer numerous advantages over traditional paper targets.

Immediate Shooter Feedback

One of the best features of steel targets is their instant shooter feedback, providing immediate insight into which shots have hit and which have missed the target. This instant feedback significantly enhances shooter proficiency compared to paper targets, which lack feedback.

Watch and Learn

Check out the video below to see how easy it is to determine hits and misses with steel targets:

Click the link for more shooting targets from

Compatibility and Safety

Steel targets are compatible with any standard lead ammunition. However, it’s crucial to avoid using steel core or armor-piercing ammunition, as it can penetrate steel targets and cause damage.

Long-Term Investment

While the initial investment in steel targets may be higher than paper or cardboard targets, the long-term rewards are substantial. Unlike paper targets that wear out with repeated use, steel targets are durable investments that can provide a lifetime of use.

Safety First

Ensure safety by never shooting steel targets closer than 10 yards with a pistol or 50 yards with a rifle, and always wear eye protection. Additionally, only shoot targets with proper backstops and shooting lanes to prevent ricochets.

Portability and Convenience

These targets are portable, allowing you to easily bring your quality AR500 Steel Targets to the shooting range. If you haven’t tried steel targets before, I highly recommend giving them a shot. I’ve had excellent experiences purchasing from—they offer a money-back guarantee and provide high-quality products and customer service.

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